Building Commissioning (BC) Has Become A Routine Practice In Commercial Buildings

It helps to guarantee cost savings from increased efficiency in energy use, operational and financial performance. The focus in BC is not on the specific product, but rather on the building as a system’s function. Therefore the building must be tested and balanced in order for it to perform correctly. This process is not easily captured by software or human methods.It requires rigorous methods of data 75081 collection and analysis.

Commercial buildings are built with the expectation of 1651 N Glenville Dr. Ste 201 improved comfort, reduced utility bills, and a higher resale value. BC is achieved by optimizing building functions through careful selection of technologies, equipment, and building materials, including HVAC, structural design, and energy efficiency. Building commissioning includes both process improvement and mechanical changes, with a focus on building operations and improving facility reliability. These improvements usually include replacing worn out equipment, streamlining systems, and improving facility environmental and physical quality.

One aspect of building commissioning that is sometimes overlooked is the consideration of re-commissioning when building improvements are being conducted.There are several good reasons United States of America for doing so. First of all, if the current methods of operation are not achieving expected results, re-commissioning can help to identify and fix problem areas before they become significant issues. Second of all, re-commissioning can reduce the overall costs of construction and provide an opportunity for getting rid of unnecessary structures.

Another important reason for building commissioning is that it provides the opportunity to develop a competitive plan that will take advantage of existing efficiencies. An efficient facility usually outperforms an outdated one, even when raw materials are the same and even when new construction techniques are used. A competitive


is not necessarily cost-effective strategy, however; it can be an approach that takes into account the costs involved with changing techniques, altering facilities, or reorganizing in order to maximize the benefits of a newly designed facility.

There are many aspects of building commissioning that can contribute to a successful plan.One key factor is whether retro-commissioning will be required (972) 818-9000 as part of the original construction plan. If so, the owner should inquire with the local authority (such as the local planning and building departments) about the possibility of re-commissioning existing buildings. Planning and designing a new facility doesn’t always require ripping down the existing structure. There may be a space that can be re-used or at least adapted to a new use. Some examples of this would be an outdoor pool area that can be made suitable for water play and other recreational activities, or a landscaped yard that can be redesigned around a natural gas or oil production platform that is no longer in use.

Building commissioning isn’t just a question of how to get it done – it’s also a question of who should perform the work. Leed professionals are often preferred because of their knowledge and expertise in all phases of the building commissioning process, and they are more likely than average homeowners to identify the areas in need of improvement and make those adjustments accordingly. However, even if a lead professional is selected, building owners should still inquire about the possibility of hiring someone who is also a licensed architect.An architect with additional skills and credentials commissioning agent will almost always be able to leverage his or her experience to increase the value of a home while concurrently satisfying the building commissioning requirements. It is important to remember that even when a new construction project is being undertaken in compliance with regulations by the applicable municipal government, building owners should still have leed developers perform an adequate and thorough inspection of the and make any necessary design changes where appropriate

Building Commissioning (BC) Has Become A Routine Practice In Commercial Buildings
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