Camper Toilet Is A Great Way To Add Value And Function To Your Truck Camper

These vans are basically pick up truck bed liner toppers with attached roof tents. They are very similar to pop-up truck toilets. Price ranges from about $7,500 to about $20,000.

The main benefit of these vans is that they provide a full standing-size living space in the bed of the van while at the same time retaining the functionality of the camper bed for day-to-day equipment-hauling duties. This gives you an advantage over other recreational vehicles that are not equipped with them. For example, the van does not need extra storage space to accommodate items like the toilet, sink accessories.

Since the van is much larger than a regular van, you can fit quite a number of belongings in it. It is also very convenient as you can easily get into and out of it without having to turn it on and off or open and close the camper doors. You just have to roll it right down to the ground!

But not only is it very convenient for transporting your camper but you can use it to make your camper more usable and efficient by making use of a special camper toilet van. These van models are installed under the bed of your truck camper making them very easy to access.

There are different sizes and shapes of the van to suit your needs. There are also several accessories available to help you make your van look better. Some of these accessories include seat covers and ceiling fans. These are available at a variety of different places.

In order to make your camper toilet more useful you can even install a toilet tank and sink. You can also install a small refrigerator or an icebox if you wish to keep your drinks cold during those summer nights. However, there are certain things that you should take care of before you actually install your camper toilet on your camper van.

Firstly, you must ensure that the floor of the van is very smooth and flat. Also, the floor must be strong enough to support the weight of the toilet, the tank and all accessories that are installed. A good quality floor must also have drainage systems to avoid any leaks when you empty the tank.

The height of the floor must be a minimum of 10 inches. If the floor is too high, it might prevent proper access for people to enter and exit the toilet. Secondly, you can choose a color of van liner to make the floor of your camper toilet look better and more uniform.

Finally, you should ensure that the height of the floor is a minimum of two inches higher than the height of the ceiling of the truck camper. in order to have the floor of the van look bigger and be more comfortable to sit on.Finally, you should also choose a flooring material such as concrete that is strong enough to winery camping resist the weight of the tank. and accessories